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Hiring Jet Ski in Mallorca is a great way to get the adrenalin running and stay cool. If you want to experience true speed on the water or just explore the cost closer at places where it is to shallow for your boat to take you, then a Jet Ski is a very fun toy to use. For small groups we can arrange a 20- or 40 minutes driving in the bay of Palma no matter your level of experience.

If you rent a boat with us at Navegara we can arrange for you a day with a Jet Ski where we deliver it to you and later pick it up again. Off course you can have it on most of our boats if you want to bring it along for a whole week of charter. On some beaches you can go with the Jet ski without license but you have to drive between the marked areas. If you have a license, then you can take the Jet Ski were ever you like. We can also bring a high performance Jet Ski with 185hp and amazing maneuverability. It has seats for 3 people but it require a skipper license at all time. It is a guarantee for action on the water.
Wanna have some fun ? Come visit us in Arenal / Playa de Palma and rent a JetSki without the need of a license! We have a catamaran waiting for you. Make a reservation and come on board!

We are located in Playa de Palma Arenal. Please make a reservation here before coming to see us.
You will find our Jet Ski Center here.
If you are wondering what the prices are, find all the information here.
You do not need a license to ride on our Jetskis.
If you are somewhere in Playa de Palma, we will pick you up for free.
We are open daily from 11 to 18 hours.
All leisure and entertainment possibilities you expect are in Mallorca jet skis. We are located in Palma de Mallorca, where you’ll find a wide range of activities in full stage paradise at less then 5 KMs.

Our beaches in Mallorca are unique to practice all sports that you pass through the head, such as…. riding a jet ski. It is a vehicle that will leave you feeling great and will make the adrenaline throughout the body during the time they’re here.

Enjoy the best moments walking in one of our bikes, you need without having the card titulín. We will leave from the Playa de emboss, where costs will give you wonderful views that you had never before imagined.

For twenty minutes of real wildness, you can enjoy a unique and unparalleled activity. The beach of Cala Blava or even Es Trenc will show you why every year is visited by thousands of tourists, since its landscapes and climates are unmatched in either winter or summer.

Your whole family will love that they bring to our facilities and you can live the best moments of fun, leisure and adventure.